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servicesICT ON BOARD

MPKC Maritime takes care of the design, installation and commissioning of your ship’s IT network and IT services such as telephony, WiFi, IPTV and crew internet.

Additionally the on-board IT network can be connected to the outside world though VSAT connectivity.

Based on innovative technology MPKC Maritime offers you and your crew 24/7 access to all relevant data.

Our ICT specialists have in depth knowledge of the current possibilities in the field of ICT and constantly keep this knowledge up-to-date.


MPKC Maritime can supply any IT related product your vessels need, from a single PC mouse and more important computer hardware to a complete installed network and security products.

MPKC Maritime is your supplier for all of this.

We supply multiple computer brand such as HP. Delivery of firewalls from brand like Netgear are also available, including their complete configuration/support.


Antivirus protection and proper installation can greatly increase the digital security on board your vessel. However, they do not protect against every different threat and scenario that can target your vessel. If for some reason the Antivirus were bypassed, disabled or malfunctioning, this would leave your vessel unprotected against anything threatening its digital security.

Data theft nowadays could have potentially disastrous consequences and should be prevented at all costs. Therefore adding another layer of security is not only something to consider, it is a vital part of securing your vessel. MPKC Maritime provides a number of products and services to further improve on your vessel’s security.

services24/7 SUPPORT

MPKC Maritime provides our maritime customers with a 24/7 helpdesk in English and Dutch.

We offer a complete, responsive and flexible service package.

If your support needs go beyond hotline support, we can use a remote access to your system or alternatively schedule onsite support.

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